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House painters services in Woodbridge

At JS Professional Painting, our goal is to improve the appearance and feel of your home after a fresh new look.

At JS Professional Painting we take special care of your belongings by protecting them, all areas to be painted are covered with warm clothing or plastic as needed. However, we do ask that all small or delicate items such as pictures or lamps be moved by the client. Furthermore, all electrical plates are removed from the cover, the lights are masked or removed and the nail holes are filled. Any cracks in the fit are caulked and the trim is wiped down with paint thinner to remove any animal dust or hair so the paint adheres properly and is very smooth.

One of the most important things to do is to evaluate the entire home in case of any rotten wood or insect damage. The customer is advised to perform the inspection with us, otherwise will be notified of any problems and a written change order is given for any necessary repairs.

house painter - js professional painting

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